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Archive for August 2022

Get To Know A PGA Member

Q&A with SCPGA Board of Directors Member, Tom Son…Tom Son is the General Manager at Arrowood Golf Course in Oceanside, California…WHY DID YOU BECOME A PGA OF AMERICA MEMBER?…After attending United States Military Academy West

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2022 National Car Rental SoCal Assistant PGA Championship

National Car Rental SoCal Assistant PGA Championship…The Crosby Club | August 15th, 2022…Blake Schmitt of the Ironwood Country Club goes low to win the 2022 National Car Rental Southern California Assistant PGA Professional Championship

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Los Angeles Water & Power Alternative Means of Compliance Program

LOS ANGELES WATER & POWER ALTERNATIVE MEANS OF COMPLIANCE PROGRAM DWP forgoes all use of baseline methodologies in favor of a budget allocation methodology that keeps firmly in place those policies adopted 12 years ago that have led to that golf

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USGA spends millions to tackle sustainability issues, especially concerning water

The U.S. Golf Association doesn’t just run championships and make rules. The governing body of golf in the U.S. and Mexico also has invested nearly $47 million dollars in the past four decades to promote turfgrass and environmental research. It’s

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