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SoCal PGA Teams

Group Holding Trophy

Honors Matches

Since 2007, the Honors Matches showcase the best amateurs of Southern California that represent the SCGA and take on the SCPGA professionals in the twelve person teams. Team SCPGA is selected based on current season Section Player of the Year points. Of the 12 person team, 4 are seniors that are also chosen from the Section PoY standings. Participants must be a Class A member. The Matches are held on the even years in the Coachella Valley.

December 11 – 12, 2024 | San Gabriel Country Club

California Cup

The California Cup was first played in 2015 and is a biennial team match featuring the Southern California PGA verses the Northern California PGA. The 8 player team will be made up of the top PGA professionals in the state of California with two days of competition. The first day will be four ball matches followed by singles on the final day. Team SoCal will be made up of the Section Champion and the top 7 players on the Section Player of the Year standings; must be a Class A member. These matches are held in December and rotate every two years from the North and South.

December 13-14, 2023 | The Valley Club

Senior Cup Team

SCPGA/NCPGA Senior Cup Matches

The Senior Challenge Cup is an annual invitational competition developed by Jack O’Keefe, SCPGA and Rick Jetter, NCPGA that pits a 24 player team from SCPGA against a 24 player team from the NCPGA.  The two-day competition begins with day 1 contested in a four-ball format over the Santa Maria Country Club while day 2 finishes with 24 individual matches contested over the Rancho Maria Golf Club.  Invitations for the team are based upon achieving 50 years of age, participation in the Senior Division events, past “Cup” participation, Senior POY and Super Senior POY points, and special invitations by the Committee. The team shall be made up of seniors and a required minimum of 6 super seniors (65 years and over).

July 31 – August 1, 2023 |  Rancho Maria GC & Cypress Ridge GC

North South Cup Team

APA North/South Cup Matches

The top 12 players from the APA Player of the Year points are selected to compete against the Northern California PGA’s top Associates over two days of matches. The NCPGA and SCPGA alternate hosting the matches on odd years.

October 2 – 3, 2023| NorCal Hosts — Half Moon Bay

Southern California Women’s Cup

Southern California Women’s Cup Matches

These matches began in 2010 where the Southern California PGA’s top eight women from the Women’s Player of the Year standings play Southern California Women’s Amateurs top players. The two day event includes 18-hole team matches of four ball & alternate shot on day one followed by singles matches on the final day. The Women’s Cup Matches are biennial hosted on the even years.

December 11 – 12, 2024 | San Gabriel Country Club


Max DeSpain
Director of Competitions