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Words of Wisdom

Words of Wisdom: From the Teachers

Words of Wisdom – From The Teachers…“100% of accuracy comes from the hands and arms.  80% of distance comes from the arms.  Swing the left arm faster than the right while squaring the face”- Jim Flick   1.“Diagnose and fix the

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Words of Wisdom: From The Players

Words of Wisdom…From the Players…“Putt to the picture”- Tiger woods   “Don’t let your golf influence your attitude, let your attitude influence your golf”- Rory McIlroy   “I wait for the movies, pick the one that looks good,

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Words of Wisdom: Other Smart People

Words of Wisdom…Other Smart People…  As a PGA Member you are a celebrity at your facility.  And you get to go to the golf course every day and get paid for it! Is that a great job or what?”- Jim Remy, PGA Past President    

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