The World of Blogging

By: Tom Addis III, PGA | SCPGA Executive Director / CEO

We’re very excited here at the SCPGA as we’re now entering the world of blogging, which keeps our channeling into the new age of virtual meetings and webinars and on-line hubs on for providing new info and new opportunities to improve you and your business.

We also will use the “PROBlog” line to enhance the now on-line PROgram Magazine and keep up-to-date info flowing to you.

Throughout the past year, as we were “locked” indoors the Section adapted immediately with new and virtual “stuff” including Coach Chats, the California-Nevada PGA Chat, Back2Business webinars and increased our presence with bringing the Catalyst webinars to once per week. We also worked hard and worked with our PGA Professionals and our partners to increase our presence through social posting with FaceBook and Instagram and our numbers show it with over 6000 “friends” and even dug deeply with Chris Lohman and Saint Street Marketing to develop and increase our consumer marketing database to over 50K.

Pretty good stuff. And now we’re
blogging” so who knows where we’ll travel as we look to serve our members and benefit our members whether it is adapting as we did over the past year to bring new and innovative things to you or to improve your business acumen and incremental revenues for you and your facility with programs like SCPGA Coach.

Mark Geddes, PGA, of Coronado Golf Course will represent the SCPGA at the 2021 PGA Championship this week at Kiawah Island. (Photo: PGA of America)

We’d like to look to you to help provide interesting stories and stories of the human side of the business and your careers. Send me an email if you have any ideas and stories that you’d like to share with your fellow PGA professional and our customers. I’m sure you have plenty out there!

See you next time and congrats, again, to Mark Geddes for qualifying for the PGA this week. I’ll see Mark at Kiawah and also maybe will do some “blogging” from good ole South Carolina!

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