Words of Wisdom - From The Teachers

“100% of accuracy comes from the hands and arms.  80% of distance comes from the arms.  Swing the left arm faster than the right while squaring the face”- Jim Flick


1.“Diagnose and fix the ONE thing that affects ten, not ten things to affect one. 2. It’s what you know after you think you know everything that really matters”- Claude Harmon


“The most under taught thing in golf is the rotation and folding of the lead arm”- Mike Malaska


“Thigh flexion increases on the backswing and the weight shifts to the heels.  This is how to maintain spine angle, NOT by thinking about the spine.  Transition clears the hips so the right arm can make the most direct route back to the ball”- Joey Hidock


“Posture affects putter length, length affects vision, vision affects path”- Scotty Cameron


“Be really careful what you ask a good player to do, they might do it”- Manuel DeLaTorre


“I am the teacher, you as the parent are the supporter.  This is what you can do to help the process”- Todd Anderson on teaching juniors.


“Technology tells you WHAT is happening but not WHY”- Dave Phillips


“Everything I say and do in my teaching is trying to produce three things: path, face, and clubhead speed at impact”- Harvey Penick


“If you don’t know how to use your hands and wrists you will overwork your body”- Bill Harmon


“Never stop learning.  Listen to your students.  Let them know you care”- Jim Flick


“For good players, clubhead lag doesn’t come from holding off the release.  It’s a product of the change of direction at the top of the swing”- Sean Foley


“I once asked Jack if he putted with his hands, forearms, or shoulders.  He gave me that eagle stare and asked: why would I change the way I play the game?  I putt with the head of the putter”- Jim Flick


“In my opinion, the importance of swing tempo is overrated because you can have a smooth tempo with a non-functioning swing.  I always stress that the sequence of motion is far more important than tempo.  If a player creates the proper sequence, they’ll have proper tempo”- Kip Puterbaugh


“Your summary/conclusion is the most important part of a lesson”- Mark Blackburn

“The left arm is not a puller, it’s a rotator.  It rotates down from the top immediately despite how it looks on video.  If not, the hands will work out.  A bowed left wrist at impact is an effect, not a cause”- Mike Malaska


“Swing mechanics always reflect s person’s rotational capability.  The swing will follow the path of least resistance and will alter to protect from pain or injury”- Don Parsons


“Get as much information as possible.  One nugget of knowledge can change your entire career”- Bill McKinney


“Anything you place in your hands goes to your core.  Too tight a grip pressure in either the right or left hand creates tension in the left or right side of the core”- Dr. David Wright


“Watch for too light a grip with the putter, as it will tighten going back and usually snatch the putter to the inside”- Dr. Craig Farnsworth


“You can’t teach talent but you can screw it up”- Dick Harmon


“Beginners get two messages from their eyes.  1- the ball is on the ground, so you have to lift it.  2- to hit straight you have to swing straight”- Craig Harmon


“The more I teach the more I try to minimize what I tell people”- Bill Harmon


“The two most undertaught issues are: 1- at impact the left hip should be over the left heel and the chest should be facing the ball.  2- rotation and folding of the left arm”- Jim Flick


“Angle of approach is everything.  All mistakes are either too narrow and steep or too wide and shallow”- Jim Hardy


“Successful teachers are passionate, creative, open-minded, and patient.  Figure out what you believe and WHY, but know and accept other ways”- Michael Breed


“As soon as the hands go active the body will stop.  You have to have enough mass moving (body) so that you can swing slow’- Mike Wilson on chipping mis-hits


“A good backswing is high, wide and deep.  Tiger had all three separately with three different instructors”- Eddie Merrins


“Let your left ”lat” start the downswing. Coil the lat (which runs from the shoulder blade to the hip) and then let it release and pull your upper body to the target”- Rick Smith