Words of Wisdom

From the Players

“Putt to the picture”- Tiger woods


“Don’t let your golf influence your attitude, let your attitude influence your golf”- Rory McIlroy


“I wait for the movies, pick the one that looks good, and go”- Seve Ballesteros on short game shots.


“I don’t feel my body that much, I feel everything in my hands and the clubhead”- Tiger Woods on short shots.


“The simpler I keep things the better I play”- Nancy Lopez


“A bad attitude is worse than a bad swing”- Payne Stewart


“The true art of One Shot at a Time is that you have to trust the shot you are about to hit, and you have to accept it after you hit it.  If you do not do those two things you cannot play one shot at a time”- Hal Sutton



“The great thing about tomorrow is I will be better than I am today”- Ben Hogan


“Hogan and I both played a pivot dominated game, Ben more on the left side than me.  I was a better driver, he was a better iron player”- Sam Snead


“There are any number of people who have devoted enough thought, time, and effort to the game to become reasonably good, if only they had started out with an accurate conception of what to do”- Bobby Jones


“Practice puts brains in your muscles”- Sam Snead


“I tell my muscles what to do”- Ben Hogan, when asked about muscle memory.


“I didn’t try to wind up but tried to stay loose at the top so I could let it rip.  Those who wind up the most choke the most”- Johnny Miller


“The downswing is no place to give yourself a lesson”- Ben Hogan


“You can’t release too early, as long as you move to your left side and swing the club from inside the target line.  It’s not casting if it’s from the inside.  Casting is an outside move”- Jack Nicklaus


“I didn’t so much think of shifting my weight to my right side on the backswing, but rather I pressured my weight into my right leg and right hip”- Jack Nicklaus


Interesting statistics:

            Johnny Miller is 6’2” tall with 30” sleeves

            Sam Snead was 5’11” tall with 35” sleeves

            Ben Hogan was 5”6” tall with a 6’ wingspan


“Focus on your left arm to make a solid stroke through the ball.  The left arm is the left side of the triangle (shoulders and arms).  To keep the triangle intact I move the whole unit with my left arm”- Steve Stricker


“On the downswing I think of only two things: starting the hips back and then hitting just as hard as I can with the upper part of my body, my arms and hands, in that order”- Ben Hogan


“From the ball’s point of view all putters look the same.  If you think a big-headed heel and toe weighted putter is going to help at 6 mph you’re crazy”- Paul Goydos


“Open the face of a wedge, take it back outside and up, then slice across the ball, hard.  The ball will pop up in the air, go a shorter distance and land softly”- Tom Watson