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Archive for October 2020

Words of Wisdom: From the Teachers

Words of Wisdom – From The Teachers…“100% of accuracy comes from the hands and arms.  80% of distance comes from the arms.  Swing the left arm faster than the right while squaring the face”- Jim Flick   1.“Diagnose and fix the

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Business of Instruction: The Business of Teaching & Coaching

The Business of Teaching & Coaching: How to Increase & Maximize Your Income…By: Randy Chang, PGA…Whether you are teaching and coaching at a golf course, driving range or indoor facility, here are some best practices to

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Teaching Beginners: Our Top 10 Coaching Tips for the Beginner Golfer

Our Top 10 Coaching Tips for the Beginner Golfer…By: Charlene Bendt and Tasha Bohlig, PGA…One of the most magical aspects of teaching a new golfer is the opportunity to help a student find a new source of enjoyment and maybe fall in love

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Secret Sauce: The Plan

The Plan…By: Tom Sargent, PGA…Although the following is an important element or every level of instruction it is written for those who are new to the profession and are beginning the fascinating world of golf instruction. I find it

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Secret Sauce: See It, Feel It, Do It

SEE IT, FEEL IT, DO IT…By: Jamie Mulligan, PGA…As someone who has known Jamie Mulligan for more than 20 years, I have had the pleasure of being able to closely observe him coach golf at the highest level. I am a witness to the golf

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Secret Sauce: Two Questions To Simplify Your Game

Two Questions to Simplify Your Game – Why Your Golf Ball has the Answers…By: Tim MItchell, PGA…If Brandel Chamblee was here today conversing with a bunch of our fellow teaching professionals from around the region, he might have a

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Teaching Juniors: The Golden Zimpert

The Golden Zimpert…By: Josh Alpert, PGA…While to this day I credit my grandpa for instilling in me a love for playing the game of golf, both my grandparents helped shape valuable aspects of who I am as a golf instructor.   Every

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Words of Wisdom: From The Players

Words of Wisdom…From the Players…“Putt to the picture”- Tiger woods   “Don’t let your golf influence your attitude, let your attitude influence your golf”- Rory McIlroy   “I wait for the movies, pick the one that looks good,

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Words of Wisdom: Other Smart People

Words of Wisdom…Other Smart People…  As a PGA Member you are a celebrity at your facility.  And you get to go to the golf course every day and get paid for it! Is that a great job or what?”- Jim Remy, PGA Past President    

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