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Secret Sauce: See It, Feel It, Do It

SEE IT, FEEL IT, DO IT…By: Jamie Mulligan, PGA…As someone who has known Jamie Mulligan for more than 20 years, I have had the pleasure of being able to closely observe him coach golf at the highest level. I am a witness to the golf

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Secret Sauce: Two Questions To Simplify Your Game

Two Questions to Simplify Your Game – Why Your Golf Ball has the Answers…By: Tim MItchell, PGA…If Brandel Chamblee was here today conversing with a bunch of our fellow teaching professionals from around the region, he might have a

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Teaching Juniors: The Golden Zimpert

The Golden Zimpert…By: Josh Alpert, PGA…While to this day I credit my grandpa for instilling in me a love for playing the game of golf, both my grandparents helped shape valuable aspects of who I am as a golf instructor.   Every

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Words of Wisdom: From The Players

Words of Wisdom…From the Players…“Putt to the picture”- Tiger woods   “Don’t let your golf influence your attitude, let your attitude influence your golf”- Rory McIlroy   “I wait for the movies, pick the one that looks good,

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Words of Wisdom: Other Smart People

Words of Wisdom…Other Smart People…  As a PGA Member you are a celebrity at your facility.  And you get to go to the golf course every day and get paid for it! Is that a great job or what?”- Jim Remy, PGA Past President    

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Secret Sauce: Finding True Neutral

FINDING TRUE NEUTRAL…BY: BILL HULBERT, PGA…A “neutral” grip is a good place to start with beginners and often a desired change for others.  But what is a true neutral grip, and how do we create it with a student?   What often goes

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Coaches Corner: Let’s Define Practice

Let’s Define Practice…By: Bob Madsen, PGA…Repetition and Drill One type of practice is repetition and drill. Successfully doing the same thing over and over again is practically the definition of practice. It’s a consistency-building

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