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SCPGA Influencer Program

Influencers are people who, through their hard work and passion, have built a reputation for their expertise. Influencers have a sizeable and trusted network of engaged fans and followers. Based on this trust, influencers can create trends and influence the decisions of their followers.

The Section needs your influence in support of marketing select key initiatives that will help us gain leverage in the Southern California Media market. Your valuable connections with fellow professionals and members can give the Section’s programming efforts a  boost in publicity to help us achieve our goals.

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This content is carefully selected because it needs your support in marketing. We encourage you to share with your personal social media following across any and all channels (Websites, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc).

Whenever possible, we also encourage you to share with the membership at your facility though word of mouth, emails, social media, or even printed notice boards in your locker room. Your connection with the members can be the deciding factor in the success of this program.

Current Influencer Promotion:

Women's Giveaway Sweepstakes

Purpose: The Women’s Giveaway Sweepstakes is a collaboration with as an opportunity to expand our consumer marketing database though the collection of data via entry of the sweepstakes.

Timeframe: Contest Closes May 12th, 2021

Where to Promote: Email, Social Media, Websites, Word of Mouth

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    Support the Section in promotion of special events and activities. Signing up for this program will add you to a special mailing list providing tool kits for our messaging. Help promote any, or all of these programs as you see fit.