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Secret Sauce

Secret Sauce: Knuckles, the Outdated Method of Managing Club Face and Grip

Knuckles, the Outdated Method of Managing Club Face and Grip…By: Tim MItchell, PGA | Pelican Hill Golf Club…How golfer’s use the tool is arguably one of the most important components that we share with our students.  Making sure that

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Secret Sauce: The Plan

The Plan…By: Tom Sargent, PGA…Although the following is an important element or every level of instruction it is written for those who are new to the profession and are beginning the fascinating world of golf instruction. I find it

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Secret Sauce: See It, Feel It, Do It

SEE IT, FEEL IT, DO IT…By: Jamie Mulligan, PGA…As someone who has known Jamie Mulligan for more than 20 years, I have had the pleasure of being able to closely observe him coach golf at the highest level. I am a witness to the golf

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Secret Sauce: Two Questions To Simplify Your Game

Two Questions to Simplify Your Game – Why Your Golf Ball has the Answers…By: Tim MItchell, PGA…If Brandel Chamblee was here today conversing with a bunch of our fellow teaching professionals from around the region, he might have a

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Secret Sauce: Finding True Neutral

FINDING TRUE NEUTRAL…BY: BILL HULBERT, PGA…A “neutral” grip is a good place to start with beginners and often a desired change for others.  But what is a true neutral grip, and how do we create it with a student?   What often goes

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