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Coaches Corner

Coaches Corner: Best Practices for Teaching Professionals

Best Practices for Teaching Professionals…By: Alan Ochiai…1-Know your craft   You have the responsibility to get results from your players. Observe other instructors, successful and otherwise, to see what you can learn and apply. Fluency

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Coaches Corner: Player Development and Beyond

Player Development and Beyond…By Karen Tucker, PGA | Pelican Hill Resort | Southern California Player Development Award Recipient…As a PGA Golf Professional with a Marketing degree, I have always asked myself “How can I maximize my

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Coaches Corner: What’s Going On

Coaches Corner: What’s Going On…By: Bob Madsen, PGA…What’s Going On An article by Bob Madsen, PGA   Here is some of what’s going on with students at the Singing Hills Golf Resort. We are continually getting tremendous benefit

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Coaches Corner: Successful First Lesson Strategies

Coaches Corner: Successful First Lesson Strategies…By: Tasha Bohlig, PGA…Successful First Lesson Strategies- Investigate and P-R-O Tasha Bohlig, PGA   First impressions matter. The initial encounter with a student is critically

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Coaches Corner: Core Beliefs

Core Beliefs…By: Jim Petralia, PGA…After 50 plus years of trying to help people improve their golf, a few things have become clear.   Students are all different and they tend to learn in their own special way. We can impede their

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Coaches Corner: Let’s Define Practice

Let’s Define Practice…By: Bob Madsen, PGA…Repetition and Drill One type of practice is repetition and drill. Successfully doing the same thing over and over again is practically the definition of practice. It’s a consistency-building

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