SCPGA Partners with Noteefy

Dozens of courses and operators across the US, from T10 US resorts to 9-hole daily fee courses, are rolling out an automated tee sheet waitlist from SCPGA partner, Noteefy. Nearly all are seeing the positive impact to booked rounds and golfer experience instantly. 

As golf has exploded in popularity over the last few years – many course operators today have a good problem: too many golfers calling for too little availability.

“We receive what feels like 500 calls a week asking about available tee times” says Brian Reed, GM of Simi Hills Golf Club.

This manual process not only has both operators and golfers frustrated (54% of players are anxious for new ways to search for and book tee times online according to KemperSports 2023 Study) – but feeling the financial impacts as well. Operators are leaving tens of thousands of dollars a year in lost revenue on the table from canceled tee times by some estimates.

Now many courses like Simi Hills, Olivas Links, and Black Gold in SoCal and beyond are using an automated tee sheet waitlist from SCPGA partner Noteefy (pronounced ‘notify’) as a better alternative.

“When we heard about Noteefy, we were excited. Using their automated tee sheet waitlist solution was easy and a no brainer” says Rich Cessna, GM at Black Gold Golf Course.

Cessna continues, “Noteefy makes it convenient for golfers to find and book the tee times they want, especially if the time either isn’t available or hasn’t been released yet. We saw an immediate decrease in calls and increase in the top line. Over 600 golfers have used it in the first month and I am recommending it to all the West Coast KemperSports GMs.”

Noteefy is unique because their solution can be added on top of all POS software providers seamlessly with no IT or engineering effort from the golf course operator. Adopting the product and getting it in front of golfers only takes days so your course can be ready for the Summer busy season.

SCPGA Executive Director/CEO Nikki Gatch is impressed to see golf technology innovation coming out of SoCal. “We are thrilled to see the momentum of SCPGA partner, Noteefy. Their innovative technology and focus on making the game more accessible and efficient for golfers and operators is admirable.”

Operators across the golf industry are taking note. Management companies like KemperSports, municipal daily fee courses, and top resort courses, like Sand Valley and Streamsong, are all adopting the Noteefy technology and seeing immediate results.

At Sand Valley, a T15 resort in Wisconsin, for example, “Over 100 incremental tee times (400+ rounds) were booked that may have gone unfilled in the first month, delivering tens of thousands in incremental revenue. This is really a game changer” says Jordan Powell – Sand Valley Revenue Manager.

As Noteefy continues to expand across Southern California- they are actively taking on new courses and partners.

“As a SoCal based company – we couldn’t be more excited about the positive impacts to the golfers and operators” – says Jake Gordon, Noteefy Co-Founder and CEO.


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