SCPGA Foundation Donates Over 40 Sets To Youth Golfers Though The ClubsForeYouth® Program

Industry Hills Golf Club - May 22, 2023

In a remarkable achievement, the SCPGA Foundation has set a new record in the first half of 2023 by donating over 100 sets of golf clubs through their ClubsForeYouth® program. This program, which aims to promote accessibility and inclusivity in golf, has been making a significant impact since its inception in 2017. Over 800 golf club sets have been donated to youth across more than 110 high schools in lower-income areas, providing students with the resources they need to develop a lifelong passion for the sport.

In collaboration with the SoCal NFL Alumni Association, the SCPGA Foundation’s initiatives’ impact can be seen in several high school’s participation in the Valley Vista High School League. Schools such as San Dimas High School, Charter Oak High School, West Covina High School, and Diamond Ranch High School have benefitted from the ClubsForeYouth® program, with dedicated coaches like Jason Clark, Scott Higuera, Drew Lorenger, and Eric Martinez leading the way. Through these efforts, the SCPGA Foundation continues to make significant strides in promoting and supporting a lifelong love of golf while fostering inclusivity and diversity within the sport.

The success of the ClubsForeYouth® program can be attributed to the collaborative efforts of various individuals and organizations. Local PGA professionals have played a crucial role by conducting clinics for the high school recipients, imparting their knowledge and expertise. Additionally, the SCPGA Foundation has partnered with allied associations like Youth On Course, which offers discounted green fees and practice balls to qualifying junior golfers. By providing not only equipment but also professional training and access to resources, the SCPGA Foundation aims to remove barriers and ensure that all aspiring golfers, regardless of their background, have the opportunity to excel in the sport.

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