Q&A With SCPGA Secretary John Kulow

Get to know our SCPGA Secretary and General Manger of South Hills Country Club, John Kulow

Self Introduction 

JOHN KULOW: My name is John Kulow, and I’m the General Manager at South Hills Country Club in West Covina, California.


What’s your favorite thing about being an SCPGA member?

JOHN KULOW: My favorite thing about being an SCPGA Member is being a part of the 3rd largest section in the country. It is extremely beneficial and personally rewarding to be a part of a section with the resources and network scope that the SCPGA has.


What are you most looking forward to while serving as the Secretary on the Board of Directors?

JOHN KULOW: I am looking forward to being of service to the section in the areas of membership growth and retention, education curriculum enrichment, and fiduciary responsibility.


What are some of your fondest memories of working in the golf industry?

JOHN KULOW: The fondest memories I have of working in the golf industry is being the catalyst that enabled so many individual golf enthusiasts to fall in love with the game, to have aided some to develop a passion for serving the game in the golf service industry and offer my experiences as resourceful support to those that would take it.


What’s something special that not many people would know about South Hills Country Club?

JOHN KULOW: Something special about South Hills CC is that we are a William Bell-designed equity member club that has hosted many section and chapter events of over the years and that the membership prides itself on lending the club to the SCPGA as often as possible.


What’s one piece of advice you would give to those wanting to become a PGA Member?

JOHN KULOW: The biggest piece of advice for those wanting to become a PGA Member would be to focus on your journey one step at a time.  To persevere with your education and stay patient with the growth of your career.  Hold on to the notion that this path is not easy and can be very hard at times to stay the course.  It is the hard that makes it great.


What’s something you wish everyone knew about the Southern California Section?

JOHN KULOW: I wish everyone knew that the SCPGA was composed of five chapters – Metro, Northern, Inland Empire, Desert, and San Diego Chapters, which have over 1500 Members comprising the 3rd largest section in the country.


For questions, please email info@scpga.com or to contact John Kulow, please use jkulow@southhillscountryclub.org