Q&A With SCPGA President Eric Lohman

Get to know our newly elected SCPGA President, Eric Lohman, as he takes on his new role in the section

Eric Lohman, PGA
General Manager and Director of Instruction at Monarch Beach Golf Links

Being able to spend time with my peers, who most I consider a friend, playing golf, attending a meeting, or an education event.  We are all very specialized, have similar successes, and face the same type of difficulties. Being able to speak to all of this with our members and associates is very fulfilling and therapeutic at times.

My goal is simple to explain but difficult to obtain, as I want to improve our member’s and associate’s level of engagement. By that, I mean I want us to create a greater sense of community and fellowship. How do we get there is the more complex question with layered answers. I hope we elevate our profession, through better pay and benefits, while improving everyone’s work/life/balance. By doing that, while assisting everyone with their career advancement path, we will recruit more associates into the membership pipeline and graduate more members.  We will improve our talent pool, focus more on mentorship and education, and hopefully, as a by-product have more retention of our best and brightest, so they reach the quarter and half century PGA status. With more people in, we elevate all of our efforts and achievements, and we retire PGA members with more savings, better memories, and an ideal family/home environment.  I also want the SCPGA to be more influential in golf, on a local, regional and national level. #1of41, the best Section in America!

Get your hands on a set of clubs that are hopefully the right fit or cut them down to fit better. Find a PGA.Coach that is close to your school or home that offers some instruction addressing the basic fundamentals, some introductory course play, and golf etiquette. Find an affordable option so that you can play and practice as much as possible, considering your time and financial resources. Finally, join the SCPGA JDT (Junior Development Tour) and join a PGA Junior League Team!

The Jordan’s that Nike has given me over the years ranks right behind the friends that I have made over the years whether they are PGA Members, my staff/other operators, our members, and vendors.

How hard the staff works behind the scenes to put on hundreds of events, educational and competitive, for our juniors, members, and associates. It is a thankless job for most of our hardworking SCPGA staff, who often under-promise and over-deliver.

Contact Eric Lohman at Monarch Beach Golf Links at elohman@monarchbeachgolf.com.