Take a peek into who the SCPGA President, Robin Shelton, really is in this fun and insightful Q&A.


Q: Who are you? Where do you work? And what is your philosophy as a golf professional?
A: I’m Robin Shelton and I’m passionate about leadership, hospitality, golf, and people and married to the most amazing woman in the world. I’m fortunate to work as the GM as Newport Beach Country Club. As a GM, I’m focused on helping our team members discover and achieve their potential to enhance relationships through shared personal connections and experiences from golf.
Q: What does it mean to you to serve as the President of the SCPGA?
A: It’s an honor to serve and represent so many great golf professionals – and our industry and profession through Southern California.  It feels very special to feel like you’re making our game and our industry a little better.
Q:  During your service as President, how has the SCPGA impacted local communities?
A: The SCPGA Foundation is a pretty incredible thing – that doesn’t get enough credit or awareness for what it does and the impact it makes.  I hope we can continue to spread the impact of our Foundation.
Q: What is the most rewarding thing you have accomplished as a PGA Professional?
A: The most rewarding part of my professional careers has been to help team members grow, develop, and promoted into positions that improve their life, or their influence.



Q: Who will win the 2022 Masters?
A:  Collin Morikawa
Q: What’s your favorite golf course you have ever played?
A: Cypress Point
Q: Who is the most exciting current player on the PGA TOUR and LPGA TOUR?
A: Collin Morikawa and Danielle Kang.  I think they both have “it” – that indefinable quality that people are attracted to and want to be around.  They both are humble, authentic, speak/communicate so well, have great smiles, and are great competitors…they are both great for the game.
Q: How many Hole-In-Ones do you have? Most recent one?
A: Two – 30 years ago when I was eleven years old, and New Years Day on 2019
Q: What is your favorite golf course snack?
A: Giant bag of fruit at Shadow Creek
Q: Name your dream foursome. (Past and or present)
A: As long as my wife is in the group – it doesn’t matter.  If I could pick the group, I’d ask the starter to play a fivesome and have Joyce and I, Jesus, Thomas Jefferson, Arnold Palmer.