SCPGA Foundation Scholars

Nicolas Harrison | University of San Diego – I am so grateful for the generosity of the Southern California PGA Foundation and honored to represent them as a scholarship winner.  

David Wong | Pomona College – Thank you SCPGA Foundation for providing this generous scholarship to further my education. The SCPGA has provided numerous opportunities to compete and enjoy golf from participating in Drive Chip and Putt through to the PGA Junior League and ultimately the Toyota Tour Cup. I’m truly thankful for all the support SCPGA has provided for me over the years of my junior golf career.

Bob McCurry Memorial Scholars

Michael Ma | Claremont McKenna College – I am honored to receive the Bob McCurry Memorial Scholarship! I would like to say thank you to the late Bob McCurry, his family, and the SCPGA Foundation.  I will continue to work hard in classes and on the courses so I can use my knowledge to develop a career that can also benefit my community.

David Wong | Pomona College – Thank you to the McCurry family for providing me with the Bob McCurry Memorial Scholarship. I’m truly honored to be a recipient of this incredible scholarship. With the financial support given to me with this scholarship I am able to further my education while playing golf at a collegiate level while studying math and economics at Pomona College.

Geanie Espino | University of California – San Diego – TBD

Sabrina Nesbitt | Sewanee – The University of the South – TBD

Friends of Golf Scholars 

Natalie Gonzalez | Whittier College – Thank you so much for selecting me to represent such an amazing program. Golf has helped me grow into the person that I am today, and I hope to act as a role model and friend to other young junior golfers seeking a future in this sport. All the ups and downs I have gone through with this sport over the past sixteen years of playing are all worth it when I think about the lifelong friends golf has led me to. Thank you again for all you do for this program and for helping out young junior golfers!

Nicolas Harrison | University of San Diego – One thing I struggled with the most as a junior golfer was being results-oriented.  But, after going through the ups and downs of the past year, I realize my true passion lies in the process – practicing, playing, and meeting so many great people along the way.  My passion for the game inspires me to be a friend of golf for the rest of my life.

El Caballero Country Club Scholar

Taylor Hunter | Northern Arizona University -This year was full of hurdles to overcome and accomplishments to celebrate, and I am so thanks for the opportunity to be pursuing further education with support from the El Caballero Country Club Foundation.

Citizens Business Bank Scholar

Alejandra Franco | California Baptist University – I just wanted to start off with a big thank you to Southern California PGA Foundation & Citizens Business Bank for being part of the reason I am able to continue my higher education and prepare myself for my future career.  I am excited to further grow as an educator and best prepare myself to embark on the journey of being a teacher in my near future. 

Young Power Foods Scholar

Matthew Schafer | California State University – Fullerton – Thank you to the SCPGA Foundation for choosing me to represent the Young Power scholarship. I am truly honored for the financial support while I continue my education and golf at Cal State Fullerton.