2023 California State Open

June 26-29 | Bear Creek Golf Club

Murrieta, CA – The opening round of the 2023 California State Open Golf Tournament commences today with great enthusiasm at the prestigious Bear Creek Golf Club in Murrietta, California. As the sun bathed the pristine fairways and the gentle breeze whispered through the SoCal canyons, anticipation hung in the air for another four days of golf action. Max Despain, the SCPGA Director of Competitions, expressed his elation, saying, “This year’s tournament promises to be an exceptional showcase of skill and determination. Bear Creek’s challenging layout will test the mettle of our talented golfers, and I have no doubt that we’ll witness some extraordinary performances that will leave a lasting impression on both players and spectators alike.” With these words, the stage was set for a thrilling battle of precision and strategy on one of California’s most revered golfing stages. Follow along with updates on the action on @SCPGA Instagram.