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Marketing Plan


Retail Tribe


Our approach to marketing, combined with our campaigns, inspires communities to not only engage with, but also advocate for your brand. We are specialists in the structure, growth and optimization of communities, leading to increased customer loyalty and revenue for your business. By building long lasting connections with the right customers, we cultivate passion.

We provide you with online marketing campaigns, recommended engagements and step-by-step manuals on how to run events that will drive demand for your services. All this for only $10 a month.

How it Works

  1. We get in contact with you in order to understand your operation, responsibilities and needs, and any other details necessary.
  2. With all the information gathered in step 1, we build and personalize your platform.
  3. We introduce you to your platform. You’ll learn all it’s functions and how to utilize them in such a way that builds your business.
  4. We’ll get your approval on the first campaigns and content, and then we’ll start the communication through email, the web, and your social platforms!