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On Course Experience

Programming Opportunities


By tapping the creative and competitive spirit of girls and boys ages 7-15, Drive, Chip and Putt provides aspiring junior golfers an opportunity to play with their peers in qualifiers around the country. Participants who advance through local, sub-regional and regional qualifying in each age/gender category earn a place in the National Finals, which is conducted at Augusta National Golf Club the Sunday before the Masters Tournament and is broadcast live by Golf Channel.

Host Clinics

Even if your facility is not hosting a DCP Qualifier you can hold Clinics for your juniors to practice the format. This is a great way to get beginner golfers involved at your facility. The format is quick and easy which helps new players enjoy the game more as they begin to improve. 



PGA Jr. League exists to bring communities together through fun, team golf experiences… plus those experiences that transcend golf itself, like friendships that last for years to come or a newfound sense of confidence. PGA Jr. League utilizes a two-person scramble format during games. By having teammates on the golf course, we expect our players to learn the game, build confidence, encourage mentorship and promote sportsmanship. 

What’s Your Why?

Every PGA Jr. League Captain should begin with his or her why. When we say that, we mean your reason or your drive for becoming a Captain. There is no right answer here, and you may identify with more than one of these reasons. Defining your why is the first step toward growing your program and will help you determine which of the routes here work best for you.

Why are you a PGA Jr. League Captain?

“I want to grow participation and increase engagement in my youth programs.”

“I want to generate more revenue for myself and my facility.”

“I want to help more kids fall in love with this great game.”

“I want to increase MY value to my facility and my membership.”

“I want to use the team environment to add fun to our youth programs.”


Increase Revenue

Captain Resource Center – Click Here

  • Season Planning Tools
  • Marketing Toolkits
  • Team Management

Convert Social Members to Full Members

New Members

  • Private facilities opening the program to non-members or guests of members
  • The program helps introduce them to the facility

Program Flexibility

  • In-House – Once you register as a captain go to for more information.
    • Full control of the customer experience.  
    • Set your own schedule that works for your facility and your players.
    • Provide a top notch experience.
    • Generate additional revenue for your facility and increase your value to your facility. (Food and Beverage, merchandise, and memberships.)
    • Generate more revenue for other coaching programs you offer.
    • Engage your community and drive new customers to your facility and your coaching programs.  
    • Activate parent, high school and college golfers to help with coaching of your teams and administrative tasks of managing the team. 
    • Schedule fun, friendly matches with other courses so that your players can enjoy other facilities. 
  • Multiple Teams
    • Recreation Teams
    • Travel Teams
    • All Girl Teams
  • High School Programs
    • The 17u program offers a great, flexible opportunity to help your high school golfers continue development for the official season.
    • You have flexibility of format and can use High School Competition formats to conduct the play in your league. 

Team Kits – Choice of Hat or Visor in 2021!!  



Pre-Registration Planning Tool

  • What to Expect from this Planning Tool
    • This is a supplemental tool designed to help make the official Captain Registration process faster and easier
    • All fields are optional
    • You will be prompted to plan out the program details you will be required to provide later in your Captain Registration
    • We will also provide best practices designed to help you resonate more with what your parents and players may be looking for
    • Enter your information at the end to receive a copy of your responses* so you can copy and paste answers into your official Captain Registration

PGA Jr League Value Tracking Tool

  • We encourage all Captains to take time at the end of your seasons to identify the impact you’ve made through PGA Jr. League. 
    • The hopeful outcome is to create a story – your story – that can be shared with your employer and with fellow PGA and LPGA Professionals to demonstrate the value of the PGA Jr. League experiences you provide.

PGA Jr. League – 2021 Changes Summary


  • PGA Jr. League is embarking on a multi-year expansion plan designed to provide more opportunities for kids to play in PGA Jr. League with you as their expert coach. Below is an overview of program updates being implemented in 2021. 

13u and 17u Local League Structure

  • What’s new in 2021:
    • The official league minimum has been lowered from 32 players to 24 players.
    • Matches per game can be adjusted up/down depending on the number of players on each team.
    • Shorter flags can be implemented for younger or newer players.
  • Why these changes are occurring:
    • Make it easier to host an in-house league, which has the dual benefit of higher parent satisfaction ratings and avoids travel to other facilities.
    • Leverage learnings from 2020 and empower Captains to organize their leagues in a manner that works best for them.

17u Section & Regional Championships

  • What’s new in 2021:
    • Section & Regional Championships are being offered for 17u All-Star teams in 2021.
  • Why these changes are occurring:
    • Many players and coaches provided feedback that they missed having culmination events.
    • These events can run alongside the corresponding 13u events and therefore focus on being fun and memorable experiences.

13u and 17u Postseason Structure

  • What’s new in 2021:
    • League eligibility to host an All-Star team:
      • 13u: 24 or more active players.
      • 17u: 8 or more active players, with the minimum increasing to 16 players in 2022.
    • Player eligibility:
      • 13u: All-Star players must be no younger than 10 and no older than 13 years of age on July 31, 2021.
      • 17u: All-Star players must be no younger than 14 and no older than 17 years of age on July 31, 2021.
    • Team sizes:
      • 13u: lowering from 10 to 8 players per team, thereby removing substitutes.
      • 17u: 6 players per team, 3 pairings per event.
  • Why these changes are occurring:
    • League eligibility – 13u aligns with the League Structure policies identified above while 17u is intentionally designed to maximize opportunities to participate in 2021.
    • Player eligibility – the minimum age of 10 for travel events aligns with ADM standards.
    • Team sizes – removing substitutes maximizes playing time and accommodates smaller league sizes (8 players out of 24 = 33% vs. 10 players out of 32 = 31%).

Postseason Fee Structure

  • What’s new in 2021:
    • A Regional Championship entry fee of $200 per player is being introduced.
    • A National Championship entry fee of $500 per player is being introduced.
    • Both entry fees will be paid directly by the players/families to PGA HQ. 
      • Resources for local fundraising opportunities will be provided.
  • Why these changes are occurring:
    • These entry fees are required for the PGA to continue providing exceptional experiences at the Regional and National Championships.
      • The Regional Championships will include the two-day competition, practice round, welcome reception, lunch, gifts, and awards.
      • The National Championship will include the three-day competition, two practice rounds, five nights of lodging, ground transportation, welcome reception, most meals, gifts, uniforms, and awards.


Golf has the opportunity to be THE family sport as multiple generations of families and friends are able to learn, play, and enjoy the game together. The PGA FAMILY CUP exists to transform communities by bringing families together around this great sport, and we imagine a future with numerous opportunities for families to participate – including local, Section, and national events. The most important component of the initiative is the local programs, and we believe the positive impact it can have at facilities across the country is significant.

In Sports, Your team is your family.  With the PGA Family Cup, your family is your team!

While a traditional parent/child event only allows for teams of two, you can have teams of up to six family members as long as one adult and one child under 18 are included. Think grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and more…all playing for the same team!


Why PGA Family Cup?  See a financial success story by clicking here.

See a PGA Family Cup Video on success by clicking here.  

PGA Family Cup Team Composition

  • 2-6 players per team.
  • 2-player teams must have one adult and one junior playing at all times, with the option of a family having up to two teams. If a family chooses to have two separate teams, they may pick the best score of the two teams on each hole.
  • Composition options are as follows: 
    • 4 players: Family may play as one team, utilizing 2 substitutes OR family may split into two 2-player teams, taking the best score on each hole.
    • 5 players: Family may play as one team, utilizing 3 substitutes OR family may split into two 2-player teams (with 1 substitute), taking the best score on each hole.
    • 6 players: Family may play as one team, utilizing 4 substitutes OR family may split into two 2-player teams (with 2 substitutes), taking the best score on each hole.
  • NOTE: If a family does choose to have two 2-player teams, there still must always be one adult and one junior on each team.
  • Substitutions may be made every 3 holes.
  • Host PGA Professionals are encouraged to structure the playing groups/pairings as it fits best with the facility and the team compositions. (Ie: families playing with other families versus families playing on their own)

Team Kit


Golf Course Set-up

The PGA Family Cup exists to be fun, social, and inclusive for all. By shortening your golf course into “Par 3 yardages” you create a welcoming environment for all levels of golfers. Our recommendations for appropriate course set-up are below:

  •  All participants may play from a single set of tees.
  • Utilize your forward teeing area for your current Par 3’s, and a designated spot in the fairway on your Par 4’s and 5’s.
  •  The yardage for each hole should be kept between 75-150 yards. 


See the full PGA Family Cup Conditions of Play by clicking here.  

Marketing Materials Click Here


  • Pair the event with another social event at the facility
  • Themed Events – PGA Championship, US Open, Open Championship, etc.
  • Take pictures for family’s to put into their gifted picture frames
  • Create fun contests on the course
    • Long Drive adults / juniors
    • Closest to the Pin adults / juniors
    • Longest Putt contest for everyone before teeing off

Get the full PGA Family Cup Facility Guide by clicking here