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SCGA/SCPGA “Do Your Part, Play Safe”

The SCGA and the SCPGA, in conjunction with our allied partners, will be launching a comprehensive educational campaign to all golfers in the Southland named “Do Your Part, Play Safe.” The regional awareness campaign, set to launch tomorrow morning, will strongly encourage the Southland golf community on the course and around a facility to strictly adhere to social distancing and other public health guidelines required by local and state health officials.

The centerpiece of the campaign is a public service announcement (PSA) video. The message reiterates that golf is a privilege, not a necessity, and warns golfers that a lack of obedience to these new guidelines will result in another golf shutdown.

Over the past several weeks, the golf industry’s advocacy efforts have helped position our sport as one of the first recreational activities to be restored. Our patience paid off, and now it’s important that wisdom prevail. By educating golfers on social distancing mandates, we will earn the public’s ongoing trust.

For more information on the “Do Your Part, Play Safe” campaign, please visit the SCGA  dedicated landing page linked below.