Q&A With PGA Coach Jackie Riegle

Monarch Beach Golf Links

Why did you get into the golf profession?

I got into golf because I wanted to keep golf in my life and provide for myself at the same time. Grinding away on the mini tours wasn’t paying the bills and I needed a new way to combine work with my passion for the game.  Teaching golf provided me with that outlet. Getting into golf as a full time career has provided me a great work life balance and has allowed me to do what I love, teaching golf!


What is the most common swing fault that you see in students you coach?

It’s a combination of not moving the lower body properly and not understanding the swing plane. If a golfer does not know where their clubhead is at any given time, their whole swing can come out of alignment.


Which professional golfer showcases moving the lower body through the swing plane exceptionally well?

Nelly Korda – she remains super efficient with body mechanics which allows her to create a repeatable, efficient, and yet very powerful golf swing despite being petite. In an age when golfers are trying to bulk up to achieve greater distances, Korda has opted to remain super lean and efficient in her golf swing. If you want to improve this, watch my “Checkpoint Drill,” video HERE for a better understating of how to properly swing though the plane. If you just focus on checkpoint one, you would see improvements in your game just by breaking down this thought process.


Where do you recommend players start for proper hip turn in the swing?

Watch the video linked above that a I posted to my PGA Coach profile. I also encourage your to find and work with a PGA Coach that is in your local market. (Click here to find your local PGA Coach)


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