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SCPGA Partner – Eterno Solar

Eterno Solar Powered By Solar Energy Partners

Official Solar Partner of the Southern California PGA


#GoGreenSCPGA is a partnered initiative with Eterno Solar to promote clean energy for our golf professionals, Junior Tour families and SCPGA Perks members. When you install solar through our initiative, Eterno Solar will DONATE $1000 to the SCPGA Foundation and extend preferred pricing to you the homeowner with a minimum of $1000 off your system, with

  1. Reduce your carbon footprint
  2. Save thousands on your energy costs
  3. Save money on your system
  4. Increase the value of your home
  5. Support the SCPGA Foundation

We’re encouraging the Southern California golf community to learn more about #GoGreenSCPGA now.  For your free no-obligation consult, sign up below – you’ll get an audit of your current electric usage, an initial sizing and design concept and you can decide if the initiative is right for you.

Eterno Solar Information Request Form

Homeowner/Co-owner Full Name
Contact Phone Number
Contact Email
Street Address, City, State & Zip
Utility Company You Are Currently Using?
What Type of Roof Do You Currently Have? (Cement, Clay, Metal, Asphalt, Flat foam gravel or other)


Chris Nolan  – Founder